Grandmaster David Harris is the driving force behind the creation of the SRC4U software.

He is the CEO and President of SRC4YOU, LLC. Intrigued with the concept of merging thousands of years of Qi Gong history with the capabilities of 21st century technology; he, along with the three other founders, formed a company and created the SRC4U team. In order to understand the effectiveness and relevance of the SRC4U software, it is necessary to consider the credentials that GMD brings to the project.

In December 2009 Grandmaster David celebrated 30 years in the world of Martial Arts and Martial Sciences. He is Supreme Grandmaster of Shun Shen Tao for the Western Hemisphere (tenth degree black belt). He is a Grandmaster of 3 additional martial arts disciplines (9th degree black belt); honored as the official caretaker for all 3 and the protector of centuries of family martial arts secrets. Along with his power breaking feats, he compiled an impressive record of tournament victories both personal and alongside his trained students. To list all of the certificates and honors that have been bestowed on GMD would be gratuitous; but it is impactful to note that he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a “Founding Member” alongside such illustrious names as Bruce Lee. Additionally he was accorded the high honor of being placed in the Hall of Heroes as “Legendary Internal Martial Arts Grandmaster of the Year”. Perhaps his highest accolade was the awarding of the Wong Fei-Hung award for his contributions to both the fighting and healing facets of Martial Arts.

In 2005 he felt that God was directing him to focus on the Martial Sciences and the healing side of the Martial Arts world. This enabled him to continue to utilize his equally impressive accomplishments in this often misunderstood facet of Martial Arts. He holds 3 masters degrees in 3 separate forms of herbalism. He has written herbal formulations that have been included in the International Lexicon of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has accumulated 7 doctorates in his ongoing study of the healing side of Martial Arts. He is an originator and master of multiple hands on and spiritual healing techniques that have benefited thousands of people worldwide. In the rarefied world of the Grand Masters of the Black Dragon Fighting Society (the oldest and most respected society in modern day Martial Arts), he is known simply as “the Doctor”. He was awarded the degree of “Doctor of Budo” by the Shinja Martial Arts University. Shinja Buke Ryu awarded him the Martial Arts Humanitarian Award.. “In recognition for his valuable contributions and love of mankind through Martial Arts and working tirelessly without seeking due recognition for his efforts. A true and COURAGEOUS WARRIOR for both God and mankind.”

To use the SRC4U software is to tap into the 30+ years of training and skill in multiple forms of Qi Gong without the arduous climb up the learning curve. GMD is totally dedicated to bringing this revolutionary Qi Gong enhancement product to everybody interested in taking responsibility for their own health and well-being.