Family/Friends “The Power Pack”
(Monthly Subscription)

$49.99 / month

Family “Power Pack” (5 Basic, 5 Sh-E-Motion, 5 eBody Fitness).  A total of 15 windows.


The PowerPack Bundle
Three of our best-selling products are bundled together.
Makes an excellent, well-rounded package for users new to SRC4U.

  1. SRC4U Basic (B2) – The functionality of this software package is just like its title…basic. Enter a name, choose a theme, and hit the button, and you are up and running. Designed for those who just want a quick, easy and effective solution to their stress.

The Basic (B2) is a great introduction to the SRC4U experience. Simple to use and comes with several features such as

Automatic Stress Selection button – When you don’t know what to select, let SRC4U Basic select it.
Cocktail load/Save – Select from premade groups of SRC4U Signal set or make and save your own.
Find Qi options – Automatically enhances your selection or requests.

  1. Sh-e-Motion – There are numerous stress and emotional energy drains that are unique and specific to women.
    The Sh-e-Motion is an amazing tool for women that helps to clear and balance daily stress or past stress-causing situations or issues that can interfere with a woman’s quality of life. Cleaning up these types of stress can open doors to bright new possibilities and opportunities making life more enriching and enjoyable.
  2. eBody4You – Whether your fitness level is a zero or a ten, we believe eBody4You can enhance your fitness level!
    Easy to use and comes with over 40 e-Routines to select from and the ability to make up to 10 of your own custom e-Routines, this program will be a must-have for anyone


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(Monthly Subscription)”