The SRC4U was designed to provide stress relief for any and all conditions and situations.

Each one of the SRC4U software packages explores the stress connection and only the stress connection.

According to a Stanford University study, 90 % of all disease stems from stress. In a separate study, the American Medical Association was less robust with its findings, claiming only 80%.

Therefore, it seemed logical that developing a stress relief companion could have a decidedly beneficial outcome for a multitude of issues and situations.


All matter in our universe has an energetic frequency. When you reduce everything down to a cellular level and even further down to an atomic level, the absolute smallest core element can only truly be measured via sound waves. Stress affects the human body by leaving negative energetic anomalies that result in imbalance. The human body is a highly complex organism that performs optimally only when in perfect balance. An internet search of disease and  conditions and psychoses along with the myriad treatments, cures, remedies, rehabilitation, etc provides evidentiary authentication that the human body is rarely in perfect balance.
Utilizing complex 21 st Century computer programming advancements, the SRC4YOU project focused on the creation of positive energetic frequency patterns to combat, replace and/or neutralize the negative frequency patterns that result from stress.

A good diet and regular exercise, along with the daily use of the SRC4U stress relieving software packages may have a major impact on your daily walk through life.