Trauma and Stress Free

I’m in California and the central valley gets socked in with fog in the winter. My daughter and I had to go down into the valley (we live in the mountains above it) for jury duty and we knew that the fog was already an issue down there and was predicted to continue for another week.

I decided to type in the dates we had to travel and the problems we might encounter with the weather. I also used the travel issues button. I included trauma and stress related to the whole jury duty thing and typed in that we wanted an easy, stress-free day.

Amazingly, that day was the only day that was not foggy! Our hour commute was great. The day was pretty stress free and we didn’t get chosen for any cases. We even had fun going to the health food store and eating a yummy lunch from their deli.
Don’t be afraid to type in whatever you need. I feel this program is so sensitive that it will pick up the energetics of anything you type in. Weather, situations, stresses….the sky is the limit.

Charge your water, food, clothes, bed, home, car, everything! I charge all of my supplements.
I’m using the pest control. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. Also, using it on my advanced cancer. Will let you know about that in the future.

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Emotional issues regarding Divorce​

Yesterday I conducted a SRC4U session on a client and her husband on and off for over 5 hours each. This couple was headed for a divorce due his negativity about everything, total disrespect for women and especially his wife. He did have serious pain issue as well, as he had lost a part of his lower leg in Iraq. Key items I ran were balance emotions, negativity, various pain items, spiritual clearing, childhood abuse(that came up in one of his sessions), and “give respect to your wife” and infection on him. On her I ran “understanding his issues”, “do not be a slave to your husband” and well as “demand respect from your husband”. This morning she sent me text that for no reason at all he made a cup of tea for her and helped her with the dishes…something he had not done for over many years. They ride to work together and she later called me and said there was hardly a negative word out of him. (he had started some negativity but she asked him to stop it and he did!). What great result !!!!!

I loaded all sorts of items when I did each of their various sessions the old way of “less is better ” DOES NOT APPLY TO SRC4U. Thanks God.

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