Personal “Suite”
(Monthly Subscription)

$49.99 / month

This includes 1 window for each of the personal programs, for a total of 4 windows.



Personal Suite (1 Window each of all the Personal Programs) 49.99 (Best Deal)

The Basic – the functionality of this software package is just like its title…basic. Enter a name, choose a theme, and hit the button. Designed for those who just want a quick, easy and effective solution to their stress.

Sh-E-Motion – There are numerous stress and emotional energy drains that are unique and specific to women. That’s why Sh-E-motion was designed for women by women. Just a few keystrokes and emotions are balanced through stress reduction.

eBody Fitness – Whether your fitness level is a zero or a ten, we believe eBody4You can enhance your fitness level! The eBody’s ability to enhance the body’s energetic flow and/or remove energetic blockages can profoundly affect your fitness. ​With just a few keystrokes, you are done! Setting up a program can be completed in less than a minute, and you are on your way with the rest of your day! No need to babysit the program!

Premium 4 – The flagship of the SRC4U group of software programs. Now in its 3rd major revision, the program that began the SRC4YOU journey has evolved into various available options and tools. Have an extremely effective session by taking the simple, easy method and taking your time learning the more advanced features.


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(Monthly Subscription)”