Personal “The Power Pack”
(Monthly Subscription)

$19.99 / month

This includes 1 window for each of the personal programs.

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The Power Pack Bundle
1 Window, each of Three of our best-selling products is bundled together. Makes an excellent, well-rounded package for users new to SRC4U.

  1. The Basic (B2) – The functionality of this software package is just like its title…basic. Enter a name, choose a theme, and hit the button, and you are up and running. They are designed for those who want a quick, easy and effective solution to their stress.

The Basic (B2) is an excellent introduction to the SRC4U experience. Simple to use and comes with several features such as

Automatic Stress Selection Button – When you don’t know what to select, let SRC4U Basic select it.

Cocktail Load/Save – Select from premade groups of SRC4U Signal set or make and save your own.

Find Qi Options – Automatically enhances your selection or requests.

  1. Sh-E-motion – There are numerous stress and emotional energy drains that are unique and specific to women. The Sh-E-motion is an amazing tool for women that helps to clear and balance daily stress or past stress-causing situations or issues that can interfere with a woman’s quality of life. Clearing up these types of stress can open doors to bright new possibilities and opportunities making life more enriching and enjoyable.
  2. eBody4You – Whether your fitness level is a zero or a ten, we believe eBody4You can enhance your fitness level! Easy to use and comes with over 40 e-Routines to select from and the ability to make up to 10 of your own custom e-Routines, this program will be a must-have for anyone.


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(Monthly Subscription)”