Personal “The Premium 4”
(Monthly Subscription)

$24.99 / month

This includes 1 window for each of the personal programs.

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One Window each of The Premium 4 is the most popular version of the SRC4U line. Its fully automatic sessions make using it a snap. Or you can have a focused session run manually for up to 24 hours.

Multi-function Capability
The SRC4U Premium version includes many great features.

SRC4U Tool Box – Includes programs that can run independently or in conjunction with the main Premium engine.

SRC4U Charger – Fast and powerful stress-balancing tool.
Shen Tool – Great at Changing and Balancing patterns of stress.
Nei Gong Tool – Great for Clearing and Balancing stress.
Dowsing Tool – Great for helping you zero in on the cause of stress.

SRC4U Backup Tool – Backup all your SRC4U files with one click.

Many More Features

Optimize Connection Function – With one button click, the Premium 4 will go through a thorough setting checklist to help maximize your session.

Primary Situation Editor – Protocol load/save/edit over 200 protocols to choose from or make your own.

Load, save, or edit hundreds of themes in the enormous SRC4U database.

Load, save or edit from thousands of options, or you can create and save your options.

Massive enhancement function for theme and options to help smooth out your session. Theme and Option Enhancement allow you to add over 5,000 automatically selected Themes and Options, helping to make the session smoother and more well-rounded.

Manual functions for specific session work can run up to 24 hours of run-time per session. Helping you put the time where you feel you need it the most.

An image importer allows you to add an image to your session to help you better describe the issues you want to address.

Find Options program can automatically add SRC4U signals to any option you place, making it a more customized session for you, allowing you to choose from over 2 million SRC4U signals.


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(Monthly Subscription)”